Thursday, June 19, 2003

Ever have high hope of something? i guess many people have .. so what's mine at this moment? I have high hope that a site visit to London will finally come true. It's a chance that I have been waiting for a long time. I had been to the United States while I was pursuing my study in early 90's. Therefore, I am looking forward for such trip. I want to travel to any country in Europe which UK is of it countries. Actually, I love travelling because it gives me the opportunity to study about humanity, other cultures, places and society. I love to observe people. In my opionion, we humans are very unique and different from other creatures. We have brains that are more powerful than computers. We have feelings and emotions that are very abstract in nature. We have lust and desire that are without control will be worse than animals and so on and on.

But then, the uncertainty is there as the obstacle that I have to face. Why it is uncertain? mmm let's the management handles that ... let me focus on what tasks that I am supposed to do when I am in London.

Anyway, I think I better not to have high hopes because I feel very uneasy if it does not happen. I believe many people out there have experienced this at least pnce in their lives. Somehow it is very thrilling to go through this stage .. don't you all agree? Ok gtg now ..


Wednesday, June 18, 2003

During the lunch hour at office today, I made some searching on the net looking for Malaysian bloggers listing. The reason is that I want to learn more about the blogging activity among Malaysians. How many Malaysian bloggers are there in the net. How are their blogs. So I found this. Take your time to explore them.

I don't know what other fellow Malaysians think about this. From my stand point of view, the majority of Malaysians are not as open as the westerners. They do not usually tell about themselves to strangers. Or express their opinions and thoughts. I believe that this is due to our upbringings or culture. We have limitation in expressing ourselves especially to our parents or teachers. We are not encouraged to argue or challenge their thoughts, belief and opinions. It is insisted that we have to respect the elders.

In my opinion, we can express our opinions and thoughts freely and still respect the others. It is very important that we must ensure that our approach is gentle and intelligent. I have to go now since got something else to do.
This is my very first post. How it happened eh .. actually I was checking the Uncle's Ho creator's, T V Smith, blog after reading about it in today's STAR In-Tech. And finally I had the urge to join the bandwagon of the bloggers.

I have heard about blogging quite a long time ago. Just I had not the chance to start it. I have the passion to express my thoughts and feelings to others and I am an internet savvy which both of these attributes are the essences of a blogger.

Hence, the blog of me began today. I hope I consistantly update this blog. I want to honor my first link to TV Smith's Dua Sen.